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Holo Abdul & its SBUs are a multi-award winning futuristic technology venture with a vision to revolutionize human computer interaction experience Across sectors with our breakthrough of the world’s most futuristic & internationally patent-protected Holographic Interactive Technology’ and ‘Virtual 3D Toolbox’.

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Virtual 3D Toolbox Technology

Next revolution 3D Interactive Metaverse Technology

Metaverse technology

In-house Built 3D metaverse technology that converts an online or offline lecture/presentation into a Live 3D Interactive Experience.

Hybrid Versions: Online Software Version and Offline Hardware Version

Holographic Interactive Technology

Next revolution 3D Interactive Metaverse Technology
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World’s most futuristic & patent-protected Holographic Hardware setup technology converting an AV room/auditorium into a Holographic Experience like never before.

What is Unique in Our Technology ?

Next revolution 3D Interactive Metaverse Technology

Features of our tech

360 degree 3D Immersive Interactive Experience

3D Immersive Interactive Experience

About us

About our Founder & CEO

Advisory Board

Dr Atul Mody

PhD in Physics, President of IAPT, Member of NCERT Board

Dr Haseena Sayed

Stanford Entrepreneurship Educator, Goldman Sach & LBS Mentor

Mookesh Patel

Visual Communication Design Professor at Arizona State University, US & Co-Founder of Innovation Space

Naved Ahmed

ex-Founder of N Dimensions, 3DHelpline.com

Dr Anita S Diwakar

PhD from IIT Bombay, Virtual Lab & IoT Expert, Partner at AIEEE

Saurabh Mehta

ex-Founder of Sun Wireless Technologies

Abhijit Dabhade

Director of Wistec, Finland & Founder of Joygraphy


Immersive education

Studies have shown that immersive technology helps us memorize any information or concept we have learned for a much longer time than audiovisual content. The implementation of this technology will increase the value and excitement of classroom instruction, as well as improve interactivity and engagement between teachers and students.High-order thinking skills and basic education are the emerging needs in the education sector, and the use of immersive technologies can meet these emerging needs by reinventing the immersive experience to meet those needs.

Advertisement & media

Imagine that you are in an online store, browsing various items, or looking for something specific. Then click on the button to “view” a product and a device generates a hologram that you can rotate, move and view in other colors and shapes. This would allow users not only to see a product, but also to feel and experience it as if it were a real product.

Medical and Healthcare

In the medical field, this immersive tech has led to some revolutionary developments like Hands free, #-Imaging, better navigation,

Web 3.0-blockchain and NFT

Web 3.0, is an idea for a new iteration of the World Wide Web that incorporates decentralization based on blockchains.

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